Edge Art Gallery

Exclusive and decentrailized art gallery on Fantom Chain. Create and sell your NFTs!

Feature 01

Create with AI

Create tons of different art with our powerfull AI! We train new AI for upcoming stages.

Feature 02

NFT Designer

The only way to sell any NFT (items) is by having good content, high-quality items, and most important give buyers' good descriptive reason to buy. Create impressive NFT with our toolbox!

Feature 03


Create your store and increase your brand value and sell your items over there digitally.

Feature 04

Create Staking Pool

Offer your customers to earn selected tokens by staking your NFT for higher incomes.

Feature 05

Sell your Music

Music NFTs are changing the way fans connect with their favorite artists. Explore collections from 3LAU, Imogen Heap, and more.

Feature 06

Cheap and Fast

Pay listing fee with $EDGE and taste fastest NFT listing with Fantom.


List your NTFs or buy NFTs with $EDGE.

  • Presale 55.000 (55%)
  • Listing 38.000 (38.5%)
  • Marketing 5.000 (5%)
  • Airdrop 1.500 (1.5%)
Total Supply 100.000

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